Recent sociopolitical events bring both hope and despair. It seems like the
consciousness of people around the globe rises higher than before and at the
same time the tyranny and oppression carries on catching up. We think we need
to up the game. If the people who make decisions do not stop thinking selfishly
and acting motivated by greed we might run out of time for change.

Our research into extraterrestrial and alien experiences lead us to conclude
that regardless of its nature and origins this phenomena has a transformative
effect on the human undergoing them. They become more open minded, less
egoistic, more caring for others and the environment and politically more
egalitarian. The qualities brought up by the alien encounters match what we
need to see increasing in those who make decisions for us. Although facing up
to the experience can be a lengthy process and some never go through with it
choosing instead a life of denial, it seems worth a try.

Lets call on otherworldly beings and ask them to help us by abducting and
visiting those in power. Choose your own candidate for abduction and do your
own magick for it to happen. We begin with corporate and political leaders,
military intelligence etc. If you do not know their names then specify the
role and position they hold. Adapt this to the paradigm you work with and use
whatever methods suit you.

When indulging in this bare in mind the objective.

As fun as vision of alien anal probing Prince Charlie might seem, we only want
to help him…

  1. History and Background
    Since year 1947 people of the Western Civilisation became increasingly aware
    of Unidentified Flying Objects traversing the airspace of their countries.
    Initially nations assumed them to be a military spy crafts of their opponents.
    Soon it became clear to the majority that these mystery objects do not belong
    to any human nation. Those in power decided that to admit an alien agency
    exists on Earth and that they can not exercise authority over it would
    overthrow current world order. On September 19 1961 Betty and Barney Hill
    encountered one of the Ufo’s and were abducted by the occupants. They underwent
    a series of medical test on board the craft. Since then many others came
    forward and claimed a similar events. Today although thousands of people
    experience these encounters they still can not speak openly about them without
    the fear of ridicule.

Many theories has been put forward to explain both the bizarre object and
alleged abductions. Carl Gustav Jung compared the flying disk to the mandala,
symbol of the universe and the self. He understood the sightings as a call from
the depths of our subconscious to reconnect with the parts of our mind that
stay suppressed by the dominant paradigm. He understood them as a call to
liberate our individuality from social oppression. His views were largely

Another brilliant psychiatrist John E. Mack studied hundreds of abduction
accounts from around the globe. His conclusion was not far from that of
C.G. Jung. He noticed that experiences who claim contact with the space beings
seem to be on a path of individuality and magic. They play the role of modern
shamans, healers and visionaries preoccupied with transforming western society,
expanding consciousness and protecting the Earth from destruction. John E. Mack
wrote two books about the experiences with allegedly alien beings in which he
proposed that our current understanding of reality should be re-examined. His
career at Hardvard was over.

Whatever we consider the truth in regards to such experiences one thing seems
clear. They have been suppressed and demonised equally by the State and the
Church, the religious and the materialist. Alongside psychoactive drugs and
other methods or raising consciousness, contact with space entities became
shunned by the public. It seems that if those in power can not control
something they would rather pretend it does not exist.

  1. The Objective.
    Encounters with UFO’s and especially abductions have one clear psychological
    effect on the one experiencing it. It forces the person to face the reality
    that they are not in control of their life and that what they assumed to be
    reality slips from their hands. In other worlds they have to question
    everything they know and open their minds to new possibilities. The experience
    can be compared to what in mysticism and magic we refer to as the ego death.
    Recent global events demonstrate that we can change attitudes of those in power
    through activism but we seem to be up against a machine that spins out of
    control towards dictatorship, tyranny and destruction faster that ever. We need
    to counter this trend. We know that thousands of people, especially within the
    experiencer and occult communities have contact with those allegedly alien
    beings. Maybe those in power are not ready to hear the news but we are. Lets
    bring it home.

Operation Intruder calls on all experiencers, magicians, abductees, occultists,
contactees, reality hackers and all others willing to participate. Lets join
our forces and call on E.T’s, ultraterrestials or whatever you want to call
them. Choose a person or communities such as owners of big corporations,
military and intelligence community, politicians, big media and others who ‘run
things’. It will be best to be specific targeting particular individual and
their family. Ask the beings to abduct them. You do not have to believe in
E.T’s to do this. You can join in by focusing your magick on abducting their
minds, introducing a virus to their mental system, inducing sleep paralysis,
out of body or near death experience etc. Incorporate any paradigm you want.
The objective of Operation Intruder has as its aim inducing inner transformation
in people who all to readily cause misery to their fellow humans out of greed
and for personal gain.

  1. The tools and Techniques
    We aim to use a a variety of tools and techniques to achieve our goals. Each
    one of you is welcome and encouraged to participate in your own way. We suggest
    spreading #OpIntruder memes everywhere: not unlike Operation Mindfuck. We
    suggest tagging our targets with abductee and ontological shock sigils. The
    idea behind them takes inspiration from the DKMU Linking Sigil. Each use of the
    sigil strengthens and connects to all other uses of the same sigil. This way we
    create a net of self reinforcing magick. You can use the sigils in rituals,
    take them to festivals, protests, include them in your art and writing. They
    are public domain art. They symbolise our objectives.

Abductee Targeting Sigil

                     MMMMMMMMMMMM~ :NMMMMMMMMMMM                            
                   MMMMMMMM               MMMMMMMM.                         
                 .MMMMMM                    .MMMMMM~                        
                MMMMMM                         8MMMMM.                      
              .MMMMM                            .MMMMM.                     
             .MMMM=                               ,MMMM.                    
            .MMMM:                                 .MMMM                    
            .MMM8                                   IMMM.                   
            MMMM                                    .MMMM                   
            MMM.                                     .MMM                   
            MMM.                                     .MMM.                  
            MMM                                       MMM.                  
            MMM               MMD M 7MM.              MMM                   
             DMM            .MM:  M   MM            .MMM                    
              $MM.         .MM.   M    MM           MMD.                    
                MM        =MM.   .M.   .MMZ.      .MM,                      
                 MM.     MMM.     M~    .MMM     .MM                        
                 .MM?   MMM.     .MI      MMM   :MM                         
                  .MMM MMM.      .MO       MMM MMM.                         
                    MMMMM        .MN        MMMMM.                          
                    .MMM         ,MM         MMM,                           
                   .MMM          :MM          NMM.                          
                   MM?           =MM           :MM,                         
                .:MM,            ?MM            .MM7                        
                NMM             .7MM.            .MMM                       
               MMM             +MMMMN              MMM                      
              MMM.             MMMMMMM.             MMM                     
          MMMMMM               MMMMMMM.             .MMMMMM.                
         MMMMMMM               .MMMMM.               DMMMMMM                
        .MMMMMMM                 .                   MMMMMMM                
        .OMMMMM.                  .                  +MMMMMM                
           ..,.                                       .MMM..     

You can employ these sigils in CE5 (Human Initiated contact) rituals and
encounters and in any of your EtherSec related mediations and activities. You
can tag intended targets with them. You can spread them through street art and
any other means available to you. If you want you can wear them on a t-shirt
as a tattoo or as jewellery. You can also use them in an invisible way. Add
them to images and works as miniatures, draw them with UV sensitive ink or
paint. Make moss graffiti in natural environments. Create meta sigils using
them. Incorporate them in your rituals and empowerments. The possibilities are

This operation has no beginning or end. It exists in different dimensions
simultaneously and can not be deactivated. By participating you tap into a
non-leaner existence. You might be visited by our agents. You may experience
ontological shock as a result. Responsibility stays with you.




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