Recruiting process



We are conducting an undergroud secret international organization and many memetic and cybernetic network for deeep and strong simulation order to help understand and improve how letal weapons and all logistic essential to any peace process and we can plan how we gonna get over our commun ennemy ILLUMINATI, we ask you now some innovation and we are going to work all together in harmony and silence.
In order to perform this important memetic and cybernetic analysis, we are asking you to think about how we can ameliorate of update the platform to be more effective worldwide.
The results of your mindstorming will help us identify opportunities and weaks protocol and improve our structure, processes and work environment.

Please clic this link to be home sweet home in the virtual world on the interWEB. The link below bring you deeper in the rabbit hole via deep dark web of the underground of the interweb.

http://lhyytrv3v7m3upeevqtgvan7hlcfklc5qxumsamopyut723uz6cpwqid.onion/acioexextri (use TOR BROWSER)

In order for recruiting process to be effective we require that as many people as possible follow easy step-by-step for this global and worldwide revolution.
Once completing the recruiting interview
(should only take a few minutes).
Your idea and opinion will be treated seriously and apply as soon as possible on the structure of this altenate reality game (ARG).
You are now under secrecy level (4 your eyes only) and everything is strictly confidential.
Only personally identifiable information will be use and adapted to be available inside and outside #CORE23.
Special technicians from our huge and underground team is conducting strong military artificial analysis intelligence in real time.

Thank you for helping us to continue to unidentify our organisation wolrdwide

Thanx to improve and test our secrecy level and our loyalty for humanity and kids on earth.
Kind regards,
your captaine