REAL eTHErSEc awaken sleeping cells completed

Greetings fellow citizens of nations from around the globe.

We Are Anonymous.

We, the people have the right to defend ourselves. The government should not be able to pass legislation to enact permits which bars the less financially capable, more poor people, from owning a weapon.  

We the American people; as individuals, have and are ensured the fundamental right to own, possess, keep, carry, manufacture, modify, buy, sell, use and bear a diversity of arms in all variations, powers, and capacities, meaning we have the right to lawfully aquire any weapon, destructive device, ammunition of offense, or projectile propellant, whether black powder fired or otherwise, whether fully-automatic, select fire, semi-automatic, single shot, or elsewise, as well as any armor of defense, including body and vehicular armor, irregardless of the common use of Arms with the Military or Militia, whether openly or concealed, in times of peace or war, whereas the government has issued the death sentence to our right, and signed the order to begin killing it by a thousand tiny and imperceiptible cuts, where those who surrendreed such rights for the promise of a temporary or even permanent security, will die the thousand deaths of a coward.

Neither Congress nor the States are empowered to convert a right into a privilege, or a liberty into a license, charge a fee and limit, or deny them. Anything that is a right cannot be subject to conditions or licensing. Should Congress or any state convert a liberty/right into a privilege, charge a fee and issue a license for it, we the People are free to ignore the license and fee and engage in the exercise of the right with impunity, irregardless of its status of security within the constitution, or any other legal instrument.

Capitalism as a loophole: Capitalism and big business has been used as a loophole by politicians to obtain more wealth. And on the other end of the spectrum it has been used by big business to lobby to obtain more wealth. The iraq war and the gulf of kuwait, enabled oil companies to lobby the government to obtain more stock, in turn making politicians and share holders profit. The last stage of capitalism is imperialism, and corporations who engage in it manipulate the idea of a free society in order to enage in depravity and predation against the environment, animals, and persons then suffer the deletrious effects of such a business-person’s destructive activities.

The government is not for the people. We demand for a government that supports and cares for its people, instead of one that gives the People’s plundered money to its own members and special interests both in our nation as well as in foreign countries.
The education system has been left defunct to produce more debt slaves. Children are brought up thinking that the loans they take out to get through college are a favor being done to them, when in reality, the rothchildian banks who issue these predatory loans, even at times to minors incapable of giving lawful consent to such a contracted agreement.

The government has propagated the ideas that seperate us the most; race war, class warfare, culture war, cancel culture and political divide.

The American people are not tools to obtain wealth and should not be treated as such. Creating ideas that seperate us for wealth is harmful and it hurts the relationships we build with one another.

Ongoing property right violations cannot be tolerated. Americans should be secure in times where we are all at risk.

The American people should not be preyed upon, by the system nor by business. During the beginning of the pandemic there was a large wealth transfer from middle class families and small businesses to big businesses.

This wealth transfer proves there was a violation of property rights as most lost jobs and the use of big business services means the lost of millions of homes and property because of this wealth transfer.

The right to defend one’s rights with force, particularly the right to defend property, is being curtailed, or flat-out suppresed, except in some cases where castle doctrine may still be respected under the customs of common law. In all of these cases, the citizen’s ability to use whatever just defensive tools and weapons they find nessesary to the securing of any of their rights, has been reduced, so the government who are acting in all authority enforce what kind of guns may or may not be purchased, whether commercially manufactured and retailed, or otherwise.

Career politicians have fucked us, and fucked us hard at that because they think serving in a position of civil duty is a job in which they should make a career, when truly, it is not. The idea of these positions is to help the american people, not help your financial situation. Because of their greed they do things out of the motivation to make more money, consequences be damned for greed.

Censorship is rampant on sites such as Twitter, facebook, Reddit, and youtube. These services were supposed to be, and were advertised to us as, platforms of equal opportunity to speak about what one felt was important to them, however, now people are being censored because their views do not aline with the owners of such sites. Currently at this point in time this is where people are congregated most, so it is therefore important for these sites to value and uphold freedom of speech since these sites are where people talk at, as well as the fact that speech is an inalienable right, which means it cannot be rightfully deprived from an innocent person, nor are they capable of being alienated, surrendered, or transferred, or as otherwise, they are impossible to take away or give up.

They have criminalized the modes of self-reliance and inhibited our capacity for attaining full independence, such as by criminalizing fishing and cannabis growing without a license when intended for personal use, and severly limiting our reasonable ability to use these modes of attaining private property for engaging in free trade to maintain our sustenance and health, including when we impact no external ecosystem to proceed in such activites.

Manufactured consent, manufactured choice and conditioning through predictive programing are just the tip if the iceberg of the lies which are told to create this illusion of freedom.

We are anonymous.
We Are Legion.
We Do Not Forgive.
We Do Not Forget.
It Is Too Late To Expect Us.

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  2. Yesterday, while I was at work, my cousin stole my iphone and tested
    to see if it can survive a thirty foot drop, just so she can be a youtube
    sensation. My iPad is now destroyed and she has 83 views.
    I know this is totally off topic but I had to share it with someone!

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